Certus is an accredited reseller and offers expert consulting services for InfoSphere QualityStage to help identify and resolve data quality issues.

The QualityStage software uses easy-to-use, design-as-you-think flow diagrams, so data quality can be embedded in any information integration process.
The quality functions include:

  • free-form text investigation - allowing you to recognize and parse out individual fields of data from free-form text;
  • standardization – allowing individual fields to be made uniform according to your own standards;
  • address verification and correction – which uses postal information to standardize, validate, and enrich address data;
  • matching – which allows duplicates to be removed from individual sources, and common records across sources to be identified and linked;
  • and lastly, survivorship – which allows the best data from across different systems to be merged into a consolidated record.

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