IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an Extract, Transform and Load tool for providing transformation and movement of data from a wide range of sources and targets in real time, microbatch or batch mode. Some of the important features include:

  • supports the rapid development of massively scalable information integration;
  • a rich Designer interface for drag and drop build of visual data flows;
  • specialised stages for ETL functions such as a wizard approach to Slowly Changing Dimensions, drag and drop reference lookups, aggregation, funnel, remove duplicates;
  • hundreds of pre-built transformation rules across metadata conversion, mathematical and statistical functions, text parsing, array handling and logical functions;
  • re-usable code with shared routines, shared containers, shared job parameters and parameter sets, shared metadata and database connectors;
  • transformation jobs are run on a massively parallel ETL engine and also supports transformation on the database for balancing load onto the processing engine that is most effective and efficient.

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