Certus MQ Event Monitor

MQ Event Monitor is a Certus utility developed for organisations looking to optimise system performance and availability of WebSphere MQ infrastructure, where investment in a sophisticated, full-featured monitoring solution such as the IBM Tivoli Monitoring suite is not justified.

This utility is intended to make the monitoring facilities supplied natively within WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ more readily accessible by monitoring the message queue and delivering the analysis on events to nominated recipients in an email alert.

The utility also performs three 'Health Check' functions by:

  • Producing a listing of a specific directory to identify messages that have not been transferred successfully
  • Checking a specific running process
  • Scanning applications logs for error conditions.

The results of the Health Check function are recorded in a log file, which is also distributed via email. Select parameters can be flagged as emergencies for automatic escalation of email alerts.

The application can be used for one-off analysis, or run continuously with a defined sampling interval.
Certus MQ Event Monitor is a standalone utility, easily installed within any WebSphere MQ environment.

For further information and pricing on Certus MQ Event Monitor, please contact us.