Experienced IBM Rational software consultants are frequently difficult to recruit for the term they may be required on an enterprise application development project. Certus’ team of experienced consultants can help by assuming full responsibility for discreet aspects of a project or simply by providing specialist resources as and when required.

Installation and upgrade services

By working on site Certus removes the complexities and time consuming problems associated with product installation and upgrades. We provide a detailed plan for an upgrade and a quote to execute on that plan. The detailed plan can cover:

  • Pre-implementation planning
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of tools
  • Mentoring of users and administrators
  • Migration of software assets to new tools

Product implementation assessment

Frequently tools are purchased and installed but fail to provide the maximum possible benefit. They may not have been properly installed, maintained, or properly tuned. Sometimes staff may simply not know how to use them effectively. Certus can review these tools and provide recommendations into the processes surrounding their use.

On-going administrative support

Frequently organisations find they cannot afford a full time administrator or their administrator resigns – leaving a gap until he or she can be replaced. Certus can provide on-going support over a period of weeks, months, or longer.