Application Lifecycle Management

Certus Solutions helps organisations develop quality software applications and manage development projects throughout their lifecycle using IBM Rational software together with the expertise of an IBM certified consulting team.

With Certus as a software development partner organisations can:

  • Focus on building a team of experts with the skills essential to the business, using Certus' IBM certified specialists as required throughout the software development lifecycle;
  • Develop skills with the IBM Rational toolset to meet business needs with Certus' training services - the only IBM authorised training provider for Rational in Australasia;
  • Leverage the wealth of expertise available through Certus' IBM Pureplay business model, with leading capabilities across the IBM software portfolio.

In addition to IBM Rational product sales and infrastructure support services, Certus provides access to professional consulting in the following areas:

Requirements management

Requirements management, requirements definition and requirements engineering practices are the cornerstones of project success. When requirements are defined and managed properly, project overruns can be reduced by as much as 20% by reducing the number of inaccurate, incomplete, and omitted requirements. Certus consultants have a disciplined approach to eliciting stakeholder requests and transforming them into a detailed set of technical and functional requirements for the system to be built.

Process consulting

The overall software development process is critical in determining whether the software will operate successfully and yet it is very hard to be objective when reviewing it. It can be even harder to crystallise into a method or template for new team members to adopt. Certus consultants have considerable expertise in creating and managing the software development process, in particular the iterative development framework defined in the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

Configuration, change and build management consulting

Attention to detail and systematic use of change and release management tools can have a huge impact on the productivity and unity of software development teams while also improving the quality of the software they produce. Certus helps apply industry-leading IBM Rational tools to the tasks of managing project artifacts, version control and implementing a strict and timely change request workflow.


Testing is a broad discipline that covers everything from unit testing to deployment testing. Certus is expert in all facets of testing and can assist with training and mentoring for IBM Rational testing tools, as well as the theory and best practices required.