Software development projects often have a big vision to fulfill. Any number of business processes and data sets must work together seamlessly, promptly and securely to deliver the technological advantage that assures the organisation’s place in the market. For robust application designs, built with precision Certus brings business and technical rigour to the software development lifecycle using IBM toolsets for reduced cycle times and superior software quality.

All too often software development teams, stretched for resources and with deadlines looming, cut corners in the development methodology. Processes that could be automated remain manual and cumbersome, and collaboration falls to the choice of individuals.

The result? The application fails to gain traction and the benefits are never fully achieved. Certus helps organisations develop quality software applications and manage development projects throughout their lifecycle using IBM Rational software and IBM Worklight for mobile applications.

Using Certus software engineering services organisations can:

  • Design, model and develop superior software and systems that support enterprise teams
  • Enhance software design development and help increase customer satisfaction
  • Control defects and streamline software delivery to align your development effort with business value