IBM DataPower

Secure the communication between your mobile apps and your valuable back-end data by using DataPower appliances at your network edge. Provide protection against malicious attacks and strengthen security inside your firewall. Detect and deal with attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) without impacting the performance of any of your infrastructure.

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IBM Tivoli EndPoint Manager for Mobile Devices

Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices provides a completely integrated approach for managing, securing, and reporting on any mobile device.

It helps you address the issues of security, complexity and BYOD policies that challenge support for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Safeguard enterprise data with advanced security and compliance features.

Gain enterprise visibility with a consolidated inventory of employee- and corporate-owned devices.

Manage from a unified infrastructure using a single platform to manage all your enterprise devices.

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IBM Traveler

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler is a push email offering providing quick access to email (including attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to-do list for Lotus Notes mobile users.

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IBM Web Experience Factory

Web Experience Factory provides flexible rendering that supports popular browsers and major phone platforms Apple iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Content and applications are rendered from a single code base to suit the user’s device. It works seamlessly with WebSphere Portal to deliver personalised content to users.

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IBM Worklight

IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organisations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications. Leveraging standards-based technologies and tools, the platform ships with a comprehensive development environment, mobile-optimised middleware, and an integrated management and analytics console, supported by a variety of security mechanisms.

Worklight is more than a hybrid-application IDE like Titanium Appcelerator. Worklight combines ease of development with smooth deployment across multiple target devices and runtime management of devices, including features such as cross-platform push notifications.