Mobile Services

At Certus we believe there’s more to delivering a mobile solution than just developing an application. We advocate a full life-cycle approach to mobile solutions across all key phases – design, application development, integration, security and management.

Design: Our User Experience and Creative consultants guide you through the process from concept to final design.

Application Development: Our developers build high-quality applications on a range of mobile devices. Whether native applications on major platforms such as Apple iPhone and Android, responsive design web applications or hybrid combinations, we can deliver them.

Integration: Productivity is improved and process times cut when mobile workers can access existing systems, leveraging platforms and functionality. Our experience with enterprise back-end systems ensures the best possible systems architecture.

Security: Safe applications reduce operational risk. Using tools such as IBM’s Tivoli suite and DataPower Security Appliances, Certus ensures your data is safe and your network secure.

Management: Whether employees use corporate devices or BYOD, device management is crucial to visibility, control and automation of mobile application management.

Download Certus Enterprise Mobility Solution Sheet