IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos software delivers reporting, planning and the full range of capabilities for business intelligence and performance management. More than 23,000 leading companies and organisations around the world choose IBM Cognos performance management solutions. They use business intelligence software to understand performance and make better decisions. They use financial performance management software to set targets and allocate the resources to achieve them.

Certus provides expert consulting services in Cognos BI. We have deep expertise in Cognos 8, Cognos 10, Cognos Express & TM1.

IBM Domino

IBM Lotus Domino 8 software provides world-class collaboration capabilities that can be deployed as a core e-mail and enterprise scheduling infrastructure, as a business application platform, or both.

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IBM Power

Reducing cost, improving service and managing risk are three good reasons why more than 1,800 companies worldwide have eliminated server farms by migrating to Power systems over the past three years.

Benefits of Power systems include:

  • Effortlessly balancing hundreds of workloads;
  • Operating at over 90% utilisation;
  • Management through a single console;
  • Turning energy on and off.
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IBM QRadar Security Intelligence

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence provides a deep security analytics solution which automates threat detection across the environment while simultaneously reducing the operational resources required to manage security. This results in a better risk posture at lower cost.. QRadar incorporates traditional SIEM functionality in addition to integrated forensics, vulnerability scanning, and risk-analysis. Certus have developed related solutions which deliver automated PCI-DSS assessments and support continuous compliance.

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IBM Softek

Softek data replication software allows customers to replicate data at the volume level over any distance for disaster recovery or network outages and consolidated backups, without downtime.

Softek was originally purchased by IBM as an enterprise migration tool. The functionality and attractive price point has seen Softek implemented in a number of Windows and UNIX environments providing an efficient synchronous data transmission protocol.

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IBM Storage

Many organisations struggle to manage, protect, mitigate risk, and maintain rapidly growing information assets while continuing to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Certus' experienced infrastructure team has been directly involved with some of New Zealand's most challenging storage projects utilising IBM’s disk, tape and software technology to resolve data management issues. Our team is IBM-certified and implements and maintains IBM storage solutions such as Tivoli Storage Manager, Totalstorage Productivity Centre, Softek and Fastback.

We align our storage solutions with IBM’s Dynamic Infrastructure strategy to ensure our customers have a clear and concise storage roadmap for their future requirements.

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IBM SystemX

IBM offers leading edge mainframe-inspired Intel and AMD-based processor systems in Tower, Rack and Blade server configurations.

For the first time, customers now have the freedom to choose IBM System x enterprise technology in whatever configuration best fits your business.

New developments with memory expansion ensure that these systems can now scale to meet your enterprise-level virtualisation, database and transaction processing requirements.

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager provides a wide range of storage management capabilities from a single point of control, helping organisations manage their storage requirements.

TSM incorporates hierarchical storage management which gives the ability to automate critical processes relating to the media on which data is stored, while reducing storage media and administrative costs associated with managing data.

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IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre

The IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Centre suite of storage infrastructure management tools can help customers reduce the complexity of managing their storage environments by centralising, simplifying and automating storage tasks associated with storage systems, storage networks, replication services and capacity management.

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IBM Websphere

Software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situation.


IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics software helps organisations predict future events and proactively act upon that insight to drive better business outcomes. By applying predictive analytics solutions to data you already have, your organisation can uncover unexpected patterns and associations and develop models to guide front-line interactions. This means you can prevent high-value customers from leaving, sell additional services to current customers, develop successful products more efficiently, or identify and minimize fraud and risk.

This solution set offers a mature platform for the creation of trusted enterprise-wide information assets – a platform that supports data governance, metadata management, data lineage, meaningful business language, data quality, flexible design and high-performance data access, with user interfaces that empower information consumers.

TSM Manager

The purpose of TSM Manager is to monitor and control TSM servers. It consists of:

  • A central collector that is in charge of all communications with up to 30 TSM servers;
  • A viewer that can be installed on multiple PCs and supplies the user interface;
  • A built-in web server that allows easy access to pulling lists for the vaulting function;
  • TSM Manager has several functions:
  • Vaulting;
  • Backupset generation;
  • Alert/Reporting;
  • Data gathering;
  • Manual operations;
  • Utilities;
  • Display and control;
  • Reports;
  • Web access;

The vaulting function of TSM Manager is a complete replacement for Tivoli's DRM feature. It will handle everything necessary with regard to moving tapes out of libraries, producing pull-lists for operators, returning volumes and checking them into libraries. Everything runs as scheduled and without manual intervention (except for the physical movement of volumes, of course).

It will manage copypool volumes, primary pool volumes, database backups (both full/incremental and snapshot), and backupsets. It will also generate a recovery plan with all needed support files, and let you store it in a safe place in case your TSM server dies and needs to be rebuilt.

Backupset generation
If you think about replacing your monthly archives with backupsets, it is very easy with this function. It will control retention, scheduling and use parallel streams to generate backupsets from the nodes you choose.


Send a daily email notification informing you of exception conditions in your TSM server

Show a visual indication of the servers availability, updated every two minutes

Send you an email immediately if error messages occur

Send email alerts to specific users if the nodes they are responsible for fail their backups

Data gathering
The collector collects two types of data.

A 14 day history with measurements taken every 15 minutes that shows:

  • Diskpool usage
  • Number of running sessions
  • Log usage
  • A two year history with measurements taken every 24 hours that shows:
  • Database usage
  • Total data amount stored
  • Total data amount stored, per tape-pool
  • Total data amount stored, per node
  • Schedule success rates
  • Occupancy for each node
  • Data amount backed up daily, per node
  • Number of files backed up daily, per node
  • Elapse time for daily backup, per node
  • Network transfer rate per node during backup
  • Total number of volumes used
  • Number of volumes used, per tape-pool
  • Daily total data amount backed up
  • Daily total data amount archived
  • Daily total data amount restored
  • and more...

A summary of the two year history across all servers.

With these functions, you can see the trends of all your servers in a single view.

Monitoring operations
As an option, TSM Manager will monitor certain conditions and alert you if there are outstanding requests that need to be answered, or if the number of scratch volumes in a library falls below a certain threshold.

Manual operations
The viewer directly supports more than 300 TSM commands, most built by easily used windows with online help for all necessary parameters. It has an administrative client type interface, and a console mode operation showing you what happens right now. You can also show outstanding requests.


  • An editor for client option sets
  • An editor for server scripts
  • Check-in/check-out control
  • Labelling control
  • Auditing control

Display and control functions

  • A graphical overview of the timing aspects of your client and administrative schedules
  • A graphical overview of your drive usage
  • How much data was transferred during the last 24 hours
  • How much space is taken up by each node
  • A summary of all data involving a certain node
  • On which volumes a node has its data
  • Status of all volumes
  • Warning window with all abnormal conditions
  • Graphic overview of the configuration of your TSM servers

Many different reports can be generated showing all collected data either as text, graphs or both. Reports can be printed or saved as pdf, rtf, xls and csv files, or sent as emails. A built-in scheduler can automatically generate reports weekly or monthly as requested.

Web access
There are two types of web access: (1) access for TSM administrators who need a quick status display or access to the vaulting functions from a web browser, and (2) access for users who need the back-up status for their servers but who are not allowed to access the TSM server itself.

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