Infrastructure Services

Certus provides enterprise infrastructure solutions for all IBM software brands, and provides customers with after sales support and specialist services to meet core infrastructure, system consolidation, utility computing, site services and business continuity requirements.

Our enterprise infrastructure solutions include:


Reduce Cost. Simplify Complexity. Increase Utilisation. Gain control.

Keeping up with demand is a pre-requisite for business success. To do this, an enterprise must have the capacity to respond quickly to market changes. Such dynamic change is impossible without a flexible IT infrastructure.

Virtualisation is key to achieving IT infrastructure flexibility and efficiency. Moving from a ‘one server, one application’ model to running multiple virtual appliances delivers resources, applications and servers where and when they are needed. Certus and IBM offer a variety of virtualisation solutions including server, storage, network, application and workstation virtualisation.

Certus’ virtualisation and consolidation infrastructure services are aimed at delivering the capacity and agility required for cost-effective change. We are experts in IBM Power and x86 virtualisation technology. Our solution offering can include a complete range of services from business value assessments and infrastructure design, through implementation to application and database migration services.

Proven benefits

Our virtualisation and consolidation services lower IT costs by reducing an organisation’s physical computing footprint. By making our customers less reliant on hardware, we drive down their software maintenance costs.

Virtualisation and consolidation benefits include:

  • Lower IT costs and less risk exposure;
  • Improved operational efficiency and flexibility through simplified scoping, procurement, deployment and management activities;
  • Improved ‘green’ footprint and business sustainability outcomes;

Less risk, more savings

Within a virtualisation and consolidation solution, Certus offers customers an infrastructure health check. This audit seeks to identify operational costs savings that can be made through improving the use of IT infrastructure.

Certus understands that customers must carefully weigh the risk of infrastructure change – computing downtime, data loss – against cost savings and gains in operational flexibility. We are expert at helping customers analyse this cost benefit equation. Our experience in virtualisation needs assessment enables us to deliver significant cost reductions while maintaining availability, continuity and performance of our customers’ enterprise applications.

Business Continuity

Downtime happens. Protect your assets. Keep business in operation.

Certus’ Business Continuity Management (BCM) advisors engage a wide range of local and multinational clients, addressing all aspects of incident management including risk assessment, crisis management, business continuity and recovery, and IT disaster recovery.

We encourage a collaborative partnership between our advisors and your appointed BCM coordinator to provide an effective BCM programme that suits the needs of your business. This may include:

  • Incident Management framework;
  • Incident Management team structure;
  • BCM policies and guidelines;
  • BCM plan development;
  • Coaching and rehearsing programme;
  • Command Centre requirements;
  • Ongoing management of the BCM programme;

Our BCM practice advisors work with our technical specialists to match business continuity plans and objectives with technology solutions that meet continuity objectives and budget.

Certus offers flexible continuity options using partner data centres to provide local or international replication and high availability solutions.

Systems and Data Management

Gain visibility and control.

Most organisations are facing an explosion of data, applications and systems, which creates a level of complexity that becomes difficult to manage. This leads to escalating operational costs, lack of asset visibility and no minimal infrastructure strategy.

Certus recommends and implements IBM systems management tools such as Tivoli and IBM Director. These integrated tool-sets help organisations manage both physical and virtual server, storage and network infrastructures: reducing operational complexity, improving the efficiency of IT staff and systems, and controlling costs while meeting business requirements for service delivery.

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