Cloud + Mobile

Cloud computing allows organisations to obtain software, middleware and computing infrastructure on demand. By deploying technology as a service, customer benefits include cost reductions, increased scalability and flexibility, and the ability to foster business innovation.
Our IBM cloud offerings include:

  • Cloud partnerships – We partner extensively with local and international cloud infrastructure providers to save you on-premise infrastructure costs;
  • Identity management – Grant or remove access to enterprise systems as well as third party cloud applications. Use single sign-on to improve productivity. Eliminate help-desk password reset calls;
  • Test data security – Manage non-production environments with solutions that enable data sub-setting and masking of test data in the cloud, eliminating the risk of losing sensitive data.

Cloud Integration

Hybrid application environments, with some applications on-premise and others provided by SaaS or in the cloud, will become increasingly common as organisations adopt new delivery models for enterprise applications.

Cloud delivery models bring new integration and security challenges for customers. We understand these challenges and have the experience and capabilities to assist customers to overcome them. We offer a complete range of solutions that includes:

  • Single sign-on from internal users to third party cloud applications, with IBM’s Tivoli Federated Identity Manager;
  • Application to application integration between on-premise and cloud applications using IBM Cast Iron;
  • Sub-setting and masking of sensitive customer data with IBM Optim for cloud-based development and testing where production systems remain on-premise for security reasons.