Application Support

Certus is an all-in-one, proactive IBM support provider. We realise post-implementation business services are vital for the success of any software project. We can deliver comprehensive support across all major hardware and software technologies.
Using robust technical infrastructure and support methodologies, our dedicated support division offers a range of flexible options:

  • Solution advice
  • Renewals management
  • Application management
  • Call and incident support
  • Training and skills transfer

We provide IBM-certified expertise across the whole IBM technology stack to meet any level and type of support customers require.

Strategic, long-term partnerships can assist customers’ current and future use of enterprise applications. With our relationship-based approach, enterprises benefit from the services of a responsive, proactive and customer-focused IT provider. Customers get a true return on investment – more effectively and without liability.

Each Certus Advantage support agreement can be configured from the following service offerings:

Software licensing and renewals management

Management of all IBM software licensing, support renewals activity and provides regular account feedback to the customer. Certus Advantage clients can access software asset management services to validate entitlements and keep on top of software compliance.

Call support

Certus logs, monitors and manages all support calls with IBM from time of opening through to call resolution. Our help desk is available to you 24/7 if required and can be integrated with your own support management systems for monitoring and tracking against service level agreements.

Incident and problem management

This is an interactive support option where Certus is assigned ownership of diagnosing and resolving software issues with agreed service level agreements.

Application updates and testing

Certus will ensure your infrastructure remains current by installing, and thoroughly testing, the latest software updates and fix packs.

Solution advice and tuning

With 20 years experience delivering enterprise solutions, Certus is well placed to advise on best practice configuration to meet a variety business needs.

Solution administration

Certus will handle routine application maintenance tasks, including performance monitoring, patch application, and operational management so internal involvement can be reduced.

Solution enhancement

Customers have priority access to design, development and implementation resources to extend solution features and functionality.

Training and skill transfer

Training solutions are tailored to optimise software user satisfaction and productivity.

Product knowledge base

Certus has access to IBM’s knowledge base and its own local knowledge resources, accumulated as a result of more than 12 years experience with IBM software products.