Software Purchase & Renewals

Undertaking software purchases and keeping on top of software maintenance agreements can be a challenge. As your business evolves and software licensing models change, knowing how to best procure your software and administer your contracts cost effectively is essential. As an end-to-end IBM solution provider Certus not only advises on procurement methods but helps customers administer all the details surrounding the renewal of annual IBM software licences.

Key services and benefits:

  • Compliance: By ensuring you are covered for the latest software releases, you are protecting your organisation from non-compliance with licence agreements.
  • Stay current: Maintenance helps you keep up with the ever-changing IT landscape with the latest software.
  • Manage costs: Maintenance will allow your organisation to budget more predictably, manage costs, and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Online support: Access to enhanced self-help databases, online (web, mail) problem submission, etc, 24x7
  • Technical support: Access to IBM Voice technical support during normal business hours for installation help, "how-to", and code-related questions.
  • Download media: Access to Passport Advantage Software Maintenance download page for immediate product updates as soon as they are available.
  • Cost effective: If you upgrade your software within three years, continuing to maintain your products is generally more cost effective than having to purchase new licences or having to reinstate maintenance on expired licences.

For further information on Certus' software renewal services, please Contact Us.