Licensing Services

Certus provides a single point of responsibility for all IBM licensing requirements, and so has a thorough understanding of an organisation’s overall IBM licensing position. Certus also assists in forecasting future software expenditure, helping organisations shape budgets and understand the true total cost of ownership.

Mitigate risk

Because virtualised environments often contain hundreds of applications, it can be difficult to effectively monitor and limit usage. Implementation of new technologies and ongoing reconfiguration of existing systems can change license models and potentially leave an organisation exposed to non-compliance, which in turn, can lead to significant financial penalties.

Implementing a Certus License Management plan helps organisations manage and control software assets, and provides clarity into the obligations linked to each IBM software product an organisation has installed.

With a dedicated licensing team of certified IBM professionals, Certus offers a level of software licensing service beyond the simple processing of orders. Our services include:

  • Management of your licensing by certified licensing account managers operating nationally
  • Competitive pricing and superior service
  • Software Asset Management Services
  • Assistance with compliance procedures
  • Administration and advice on Software Licence Renewals
  • Licensing reviews and audits
  • Specialist Licensing advice

Getting started

The Certus License Management service provides full visibility of complex software licensing. Our goal is to assist organisations reduce unnecessary licence fees while maintaining compliance.

We begin by providing a preliminary Licence Risk Assessment, conducted by one of our licensing experts on location or over the phone, to provide a view into existing current licence exposure.

Guided by an organisation’s particular requirements, Certus then executes a comprehensive license optimisation plan aimed at limiting ongoing exposure, saving costs and reducing time and effort spent on license administration.

Certus also has advanced licence management programmes for IBM Cognos software and IBM Maximo software. For more information click on the links above to download the brochures.

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IBM Maximo Licensing Case Study from Certus on Vimeo.