Certus MQ Event Monitor

MQ Event Monitor is a Certus utility developed for organisations looking to optimise system performance and availability of WebSphere MQ infrastructure, where investment in a sophisticated, full-featured monitoring solution such as the IBM Tivoli Monitoring suite is not justified.

This utility is intended to make the monitoring facilities supplied natively within WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ more readily accessible by monitoring the message queue and delivering the analysis on events to nominated recipients in an email alert.

The utility also performs three 'Health Check' functions by:

  • Producing a listing of a specific directory to identify messages that have not been transferred successfully
  • Checking a specific running process
  • Scanning applications logs for error conditions.

The results of the Health Check function are recorded in a log file, which is also distributed via email. Select parameters can be flagged as emergencies for automatic escalation of email alerts.

The application can be used for one-off analysis, or run continuously with a defined sampling interval.
Certus MQ Event Monitor is a standalone utility, easily installed within any WebSphere MQ environment.

For further information and pricing on Certus MQ Event Monitor, please contact us.

Certus MQ File Adapter

Enabling applications that use file-based interfaces to seamlessly communicate and participate in a middleware network is essential in any application infrastructure solution. MQ FileAdapter is a Certus utility designed to provide an affordable solution that allows existing applications using file-based interfaces to integrate with WebSphere MQ without code changes.

The Certus MQ FileAdapter:

  • Enables existing applications to integrate with WebSphere MQ and Message Broker
  • Supports bi-directional integration of flat files and messages
  • Supports multiple files types - flat files, XML files, images, binary
  • Works out-of-the-box and eliminates the need for custom code development during integration projects

The Certus MQ FileAdapter solution provides bi-directional integration of WebSphere MQ and flat-files. The adapter scans target directories and writes new or updated files to WebSphere MQ queues as messages. The adapter also reads messages from WebSphere MQ queues and writes them out to flat files in target directories.

The adapter is easily configurable by end users, providing a great deal of flexibility when integrating applications with differing requirements.

FileAdapter currently supports AIX, Windows and Linux, using WebSphere MQ V5.3, v6.0 and v7.0. Support for additional operating systems is available upon request.

For further information and pricing on Certus MQ FileAdapter, please contact us.

IBM Web Content Manager

Publishing online content should be as easy as point, click, done. But getting intranet, extranet and internet content approved and published on time is a challenge that’s easily underestimated.

Regardless of the industry in which you operate, the quality and accuracy of your company website is a reflection of the company itself, and should be contributing to your bottom line as a sales channel. Timely and reliable content and business process integration across intranet and extranet sites can also be an important factor in employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as the foundation for supply chain efficiencies.

Certus Web Content Management solutions use IBM Web Content Management to accelerate the development and delivery of content across all web assets, including:

  • Websites
  • Intranets
  • Client/supplier Extranets

Using a simple browser-based point and click interface, we aim to help businesses:

Remove the webmaster bottleneck

Give web content back to the subject matter experts. Remove the IT or webmaster bottleneck involved with managing a complex site. WCM gives you all the tools you need to manage this system yourself - with minimal investment from your IT team.

Control workflow and approval of content updates - schedule, expire or publish content

Setup custom workflows for content approval. Control who approves and publishes this content. Set up content to upload or expire on a nominated date. You can be assured that only authorised content is released and routine tasks such as expiring outdated content are automated.

Easily upload content and files from Microsoft Office or use the built-in content creation system

Use Microsoft Office to write all web content and simply upload to the WCM system. Alternately, use the browser based content creation system in WCM which provides WYSIWYG editing and rich-text functionality. Using familiar tools and a simple user interface means less training overhead and quicker results.

Create corporate templates to retain consistency of branding and layout

Ensure your site stays looking the way you designed it, by setting up content templates for all sections of your website. No one can ever upload ugly or badly formatted text or images again

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