Information Management Technologies


IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an Extract, Transform and Load tool for providing transformation and movement of data from a wide range of sources and targets in real time, microbatch or batch mode. Some of the important features include:

  • supports the rapid development of massively scalable information integration;
  • a rich Designer interface for drag and drop build of visual data flows;
  • specialised stages for ETL functions such as a wizard approach to Slowly Changing Dimensions, drag and drop reference lookups, aggregation, funnel, remove duplicates;
  • hundreds of pre-built transformation rules across metadata conversion, mathematical and statistical functions, text parsing, array handling and logical functions;
  • re-usable code with shared routines, shared containers, shared job parameters and parameter sets, shared metadata and database connectors;
  • transformation jobs are run on a massively parallel ETL engine and also supports transformation on the database for balancing load onto the processing engine that is most effective and efficient.

DB2 & Infosphere Warehouse

InfoSphere Warehouse is a comprehensive data warehouse solution with all of the capabilities necessary to maximise returns from a business' most important investment, their information.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse provides an effective, flexible and scalable data warehouse for dynamic warehousing. It is an ideal solution for the consolidation of data marts, information silos and business analytics, providing the ability to deliver a single version of the truth to all users:

Simplify enterprise data warehouse development, deployment and maintenance with a comprehensive, integrated solution

Streamline business intelligence processes and enhance flexibility with powerful, analytic solution components.

Boost data warehouse performance and improve productivity with powerful DB2 9 optimization features

With a range of capabilities beyond traditional warehouses, InfoSphere Warehouse provides a comprehensive platform to help data warehouse architects and administrators to efficiently design, deploy and maintain an enterprise data warehouse.

These capabilities include:

  • powerful DB2 data server foundation
  • massively scalable, shared-nothing, distributed architecture
  • high performance for mixed workload query processing
  • relational and native XML data handling
  • data partitioning
  • enhanced row compression,
  • multidimensional clustering
  • materialized query tables (MQTs)
  • enhanced backup facilities
  • simplified and automated tuning capabilities
  • faster data redistribution
  • automated upgrades
  • Enhanced online analytical processing (OLAP) design and optimization.
  • Data mining and visualization.
  • Modelling and design tools
  • Embedded data movement and transformation.
  • Unstructured Data Analysis
  • Alphablox BloxBuilder
  • Extreme Workload Management


Certus is an accredited reseller and offers expert consulting services for IBM InfoSphere Discovery to help organisations accelerate deployment of information-centric projects such as data archiving, application retirement, data warehousing, data integration, or Master Data Management (MDM). By better understanding data and its relationships across the enterprise, organisations can address the inherent risks in such projects.

Using highly-innovative technologies, InfoSphere Discovery identifies and documents the data you have, where it is located, and how it is related across systems by intelligently capturing relationships, applied transformations and business rules. This process includes a full range of analysis capabilities, including:

  • Discovering hidden data relationships to define "business objects" (logical groupings of data);
  • Automating the detection of sensitive data;
  • Prototyping data consolidation rules for new projects;
  • Accommodates the widest range of enterprise data sources including relational databases and any structured data source that can be represented in a text file format such as hierarchical database;
  • Using heuristics and sophisticated algorithms that automate an otherwise time consuming manual process.

IBM Optim

IBM Optim Integrated Data Management enables organisations to more efficiently and effectively respond to emergent, data-intensive business opportunities, meet service level agreements for data-driven applications, comply with data privacy and data retention regulations and grow the business while driving down total cost of ownership.

Optim allows organisations to deliver increasing value across the lifecycle, from requirements to retirement. Optim facilitate collaboration and efficiency across roles, via shared artifacts automation and consistent interfaces. The toolset increases the ability to meet service level agreements, improving problem isolation, performance optimisation, capacity planning, and workload and impact analysis.

By leveraging Optim, organisations are enabled to comply with data security, privacy, and retention policies leveraging shared policy, services, and reporting infrastructure.

Key benefits include:

  • Accelerate Solution Delivery by Developing enterprise-ready applications faster to drive business growth
  • Facilitate Integrated Database Administration and empower DBAs to drive business results
  • Manage Data Growth
  • Apply best-practice database archiving capabilities
  • Optimise database application performance, pre and post production
  • Prepare for Application Retirement and Compliance
  • Access data long after retirement to meet compliance requirements
  • Protecting Data Privacy and Ensuring Data Security
  • Protect vulnerable test environments by applying simple data masking techniques
  • Streamline Test Data Management
  • Improve application testing and reliability, and speed time to market
  • Streamline Upgrades and Migrations

Information Analyser

Certus is an accredited re-seller and provides expert consulting services in data profiling, data quality assessment and data audit using the InfoSphere Information Analyzer, to help deliver trusted information for data integration projects.

Information Analyzer is the massively scalable team based data profiling and audit tool that runs on the IBM Information Server. Information Analyzer uses the power of the Information Server parallel engine to provide 100% data profiling for very large databases or fast profiling for smaller databases.

Information Analyzer provides standard profiling functions of table analysis, column analysis and relationship analysis. It publishes profiling results to HTML or PDF reports to provide a rich data dictionary of technical metadata, reference data and profiling statistics. It shares this enhanced metadata with other Information Server products.

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Certus is an accredited reseller and offers expert consulting services for InfoSphere QualityStage to help identify and resolve data quality issues.

The QualityStage software uses easy-to-use, design-as-you-think flow diagrams, so data quality can be embedded in any information integration process.
The quality functions include:

  • free-form text investigation - allowing you to recognize and parse out individual fields of data from free-form text;
  • standardization – allowing individual fields to be made uniform according to your own standards;
  • address verification and correction – which uses postal information to standardize, validate, and enrich address data;
  • matching – which allows duplicates to be removed from individual sources, and common records across sources to be identified and linked;
  • and lastly, survivorship – which allows the best data from across different systems to be merged into a consolidated record.