Information Governance

Certus have deep expertise in Information Governance - Software, Services, Strategies and Solutions.

While data is undeniably one of the greatest assets of an organisation, it is increasingly difficult to manage and control.

Data is typically captured across multiple, complex silos that are isolated from each other. Numerous redundant copies of data, and the business processes that use the data are just as fragmented and tangled. Often, there is little cross-organisational collaboration, with few defined governance and stewardship structures, roles and responsibilities.

From structured to unstructured data - including customer and employee data, metadata, trade secrets, e-mail, video and audio - organisations must find a way to govern data in alignment with business requirements without obstructing the free flow of information and innovation.

Effective data governance can enhance the quality, availability and integrity of a company’s data through whole of business collaboration and structured policy-making.

It balances factional silos with organisational interest, directly impacting the four factors any organisation cares about most:

  • Increasing revenue;
  • Lowering costs;
  • Reducing risks;
  • Increasing data confidence.

Information Governance Strategies

Certus recommend the approach to Information Governance defined by the IBM Information Governance Council - an organisation formed by IBM and made up of companies, institutions and technology providers with the objective to build consistency and quality control in governance.

We offer Information Governance Workshops leading to a roadmap to improve the reliability and meaning of information assets and to improvement of the Information Maturity of your organisation.

The Information Governance Workshop can run from half a day and evaluates the maturity of your organisation in a selection of relevant IBM Governance Council categories. The Workshop goes through a series of questions to arrive at a maturity level for those categories that are included in the scope of the workshop.


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