Data Quality

Central to the Certus approach to Information Management and Business Intelligence is the delivery and use of trusted information – information which is accurate, complete, meaningful and timely.

We provide end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific data quality needs of our clients. We advocate an approach that covers assessment, design, development and implementation phases.

Assessment: Profiling application tables, detecting data quality issues and linking data quality problems back to the front-end applications, helps to create a holistic snapshot of data quality problems from data entry through to data storage.

Design: Understanding and defining data is a key capability for delivering trusted data, helping to identify and classify data quality issues.

Development: Development and testing means putting the right amount of data quality validation into data integration, storage and reporting and using phases of testing to validate data quality.

Implementation: Cleansing and managing data quality over time requires the capability to audit data quality, report on metrics and manage the IT assets that comprise a reporting and analytics solution.

Our end-to-end expertise enables us to:

  • Resolve data quality issues through data cleansing and data survivorship rules;
  • Monitor data quality through automated data audits;
  • Assist our clients to develop a capability - platform, people, process and know-how - to build quality into all information assets.

DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, InfoSphere Discovery, and InfoSphere Exception Manager are all potentially valuable technologies, and even Cognos can be used to create reports and dashboards to help monitor data quality KPIs. So it is important to use the right technology mix for any client's specific needs.

Data Quality Framework (DQF)

Certus has developed a Data Quality Framework (DQF) to manage data quality issues - you can now be confident that important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise.

We developed this DQF solution incorporating our IP and elements from the IBM InfoSphere and IBM Cognos product families to provide a highly visual, unique offering.