Transition Management

In times of change, sustaining trusted information can be a challenge. Our understanding of IBM technologies can help your business respond to constant business and technical changes.

We assist our clients with inevitable changes to the Business Analytics and Information Management environments: software version upgrades, platform changes, core systems replacement, business continuity planning, etc.
For example:

  • A Transition Review and Plan will minimise disruptions and other risks, particularly at key stages in the transition process
  • New infrastructure and/or architecture can be planned to optimise performance and reliability
  • Data migration services can maintain data availability
  • Expertise in data quality audits, data profiling and business modelling can provide assurance in times of transition.

Acquisitions, mergers, business process change and industry adjustments can require rapid adaptation to new data and processes, new information sources and systems. The Business Analytics and Information Management infrastructure can make unique contributions to the organisation’s capacity to deal with change gracefully.