Budgeting & Planning

Certus is a proven provider of IBM Cognos solutions for budgeting, planning, forecasting and scenario modeling. Our clients use a variety of TM1, Cognos Express, Cognos EP and Contributor. Many solutions are integrated with other areas of the IBM Cognos suite.

IBM planning technologies have evolved at a rapid pace in recent years. We have maintained expertise in the earlier technologies and versions, while adapting quickly to the newer technology offerings. So we can readily support clients migrating between various technologies.

IBM Cognos TM1 is a fully integrated, highly scalable solution for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. It integrates operational and financial planning, providing companywide visibility into resource requirements and business plans. With TM1 we can access current actual data to assess fiscal performance, and proceed from "what-is" to evaluate the "what-if" scenarios critical to forecasting future performance.

Certus world-class consultants understand the full range of technologies available and can help our clients plan, then deliver, solutions for diverse business requirements.

Solutions can be centrally controlled, or provide for distributed data entry, with planning models as simple as consolidated financial plans, or as complex as globally deployed enterprise-wide budgets and forecasts driven by operational planning models in multiple companies and using multiple currencies.
Our planning models, whether custom built or based on industry blueprints, are used by a broad range of clients from manufacturing to government, from insurance to education - covering finance, operations, HR, sales and marketing.

Using IBM Cognos TM1, clients can reduce planning time and effort, improve accuracy and communicate more effectively.