For high performing business intelligence, budgeting and planning solutions, our expertise is unrivalled. Certus consultants have deep technical skills across all IBM Business Analytics software and the experience and know-how to integrate these technologies as part of a scalable platform that delivers real business value.

End-to-end expertise

Enterprise organisations have unique reporting needs, reaching across many lines of business, and supported by a variety of corporate IT systems.

We provide the business and technical skills to deliver sophisticated solutions that work together to meet complete data warehousing, reporting, budgeting and planning information needs. And we have the people and integration capabilities to ensure these technologies work with both IBM and non-IBM software technologies.

Without end-to-end expertise, many organisations suffer from siloed approaches to information management and business analytics. Maintenance and support costs are higher, information is less accessible and less reliable, and definitive answers are elusive.

BA solutions from Certus deliver one source of truth. By integrating information from various business systems, decision makers can access information for better business efficiency and improved performance management.

Thought leaders

Our consultants are active leaders in the business analytics field. They keep up-to-date with industry trends and the latest software versions.

They contribute to Cognos user groups, local DAMA meetings, online technical forums, and user conferences, such as the IBM Business Analytics Forum. We have been included as panelists and presenters at several IBM Information on Demand (IOD) events in Las Vegas, and we are often keynote presenters at industry forums.