Asset & Facilities Management

If your organisation owns or manages assets – from plant and structures, through to trains, pumps and poles – you rely on efficient and predictable business processes to keep your competitive edge, maintain compliance and minimise operational downtime.

Certus helps asset-intensive companies fix business process problems by combining industry-leading software with optimised business practices. Whatever the business driver, our solution sales process provides a clear path to resolving the underlying issues.

Likewise Certus helps organisations with large and distributed facilities keep those facilities and their associated assets and amenities properly maintained so that they are accessible or available, and safe. We have done this for organisations with widely distributed facilities, such as universities and hospitals.

We thoroughly explore and understand the business problem and then design and scope a project which includes the technology and resourcing costs. Our aim is not only to fix the problem, but to provide a solution that improves overall service delivery by giving you greater control of processes throughout an asset’s lifecycle.

We have a strong and diverse customer base and extensive experience dealing with medium to large organisations which typically undertake complex multi-party business transactions. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of implementations across the utilities, marine, local government, education, health and contract services industries.