Support Services

Because business doesn't stop when the project does

When enterprise software projects are moving through the transition from development to production the focus is on testing functionality, fine-tuning the user interface and training staff for technology adoption, not necessarily on the long term support and administration of the solution. Do you have the skills inhouse to apply software patches as they are released? Or manage access and authentication as staff members change?

Certus Solutions identified a common need among our customers for flexible access to software support services that provide ongoing access to technology experts to maintain and optimise production environments. The service needed to extend beyond basic fault identification and resolution, and needed to be configurable to each organisation’s unique requirements and required service levels.

The Certus Advantage program was developed in response to this need, offering a unique support program that is scalable, customisable and affordable on a monthly subscription model. Within the Certus Advantage service level agreement framework, you can select support components to support your investments in all IBM software and application technologies.

Transition management

In times of change, sustaining trusted information can be a challenge. Certus' expertise with the IBM toolset helps clients adjust responsively to business and technical changes alike.

We assist our clients by planning and executing those inevitable changes to the Business Intelligence and Information Management environment: Software Version Upgrades, Platform changes, Core Systems Replacement, Business Continuity Planning, etc. For example:

  • Transitions should be carefully planned to minimise disruptions and other risks. A Transition Review and Transition Plan can be important first steps for such transitions;
  • Expertise at key stages in the transition process can minimise and manage risk during transition;
  • New infrastructure and/or architecture can be planned to optimise performance and reliability;
  • Data migration services can maintain data availability;
  • Expertise in Data Quality Audits, Data Profiling and Business Modelling can also provide assurances in times of transition.

Common business scenarios such as acquisitions, mergers, core system replacement, business process change, industry adjustments can mean that the enterprise often needs to rapidly assimilate and work with new forms of data, organised, classified and sourced in different ways.

Indeed, in these scenarios, the Business Intelligence and Information Management infrastructure can make unique contributions to the business’ capacity to deal with change gracefully.