Health Check Services

A critical and unbiased Health Check can increase the success and return on investment from your IT infrastructure and information assets.

From a technical perspective, our consultants can use their deep technical knowledge and experience to 'health check' design, architecture, technical infrastructure and growth considerations. Our consultants research existing systems, with business objectives in mind. They can then identify issues and recommend practical actions to resolve issues, optimise performance or rationalise IT spend.

Our Health Checks often extend beyond a purely technical appraisal and will cover areas of governance, best practice and strategic alignment.

For example, Certus can address questions like:

  • Is your system capable of meeting the growing demands of the business?
  • Is the solution flexible and easy to manage?
  • Are you taking full advantage of technology infrastructure to improve your overall access to information?
  • Is your infrastructure configured to best practice standards?
  • Does your system really support the business in terms of timeliness, accuracy, completeness and insight?
  • Are there efficiencies to be gained through alternative software licence models or system configuration?

Many Certus clients use our Health Check services to fix underperforming systems, as the first step in a longer term client-supplier relationship.