Competency Centres

A competency centre provides a framework, roadmap and the capabilities to develop, sustain and make use of shared information assets.

A Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) is the most commonly used term, although other terms are sometimes used.

Most BICCs include governance models which formalise roles and provide templates for effective collaboration amongst stakeholders.

However, the cross-domain and multidisciplinary nature of enterprise-wide business analysis can present challenges:

  • balancing the needs of the users and standards of the organisation;
  • setting priorities for shared resources;
  • maintaining focus and relevance to management and executive users;
  • defining how the facility will grow and be funded;
  • planning and executing local needs simultaneously with enterprise needs;
  • standardising business terms across an enterprise;
  • maintaining and building relevant knowledge, locally and centrally.

As demand for information assets grows, and challenges are confronted, our clients ask us to assist when implementing, reviewing or enhancing their competency centre.