Capability Maturity Assessment

A capability assessment can be a useful first step towards sustaining trusted information assets in your business.

As businesses invest in information assets, they often focus on technology first. But to truly leverage information requires a maturity of capability that goes beyond the technology investments.

Wecan help you work smarter with the technologies you own. We’ll assess overall capability, then plan a roadmap for improvements. Capability considerations include the following.

People and Organisation
Information on Demand is only as good as the effectiveness of the people and the organisation managing and utilising the applications. We examine the user sophistication level at transactional, operational and analytical levels, covering internal business users, business partners and customers.

Data Readiness
To support information on demand, data will need to be standardised, granular, and readily available as a service. Otherwise it will take time and money to make information fit for a new business purpose with each new use. Standardisation and simplification are essential to increasing value while decreasing cost and time.

Governance of data and information is critical when aiming for information on demand. Effective governance enables an organisation to execute a strategy. Ineffective governance dooms the best strategy to failure.

Information Processes
Information processes support the capture, storage, transformation, delivery and use of information in operational, reporting and analytic business processes. Organisations which aspire to agility and efficiency will need to have excellent information processes.

Information Strategy
Information on demand requires a plan of action - a strategy - for delivering business value. We examine your organisation’s capability to define, align and take action to deliver business value in your operations, covering internal business users, business partners and customers.

Information Technology
Information technology itself provides the infrastructure to implement any information strategy. Our assessors look at the readiness of your business IT infrastructure to support information on demand.