Working At Certus

Why do people choose to work at Certus? Why is our staff turnover so low? 

Certus is the largest and fastest growing specialist IBM software and services company in the region. That means our people get to work with the largest customers, and on the most exciting and demanding projects. It means having the opportunity to work in cities around Australia and New Zealand. Every day is different.

We’re a market leader so there’s the ability – the requirement – for us to invest in upskilling our team. As Certus grows, our people grow also. We encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities to develop a personal and professional development plan.

And at Certus the people who own the business work in the business. That helps create a positive and supportive team environment, underpinned by our culture and values.

Talent Management

Our approach to Talent Management is ATTRACT – RECRUIT – RETAIN.

To attract the best people we focus on our employment brand and making Certus a “Best Place to Work”.
Recruiting the right skills for our business, and ensuring good cultural alignment, requires extensive preparation. We pride ourselves on careful “behind the scenes” work throughout the recruitment process and, having appointed a successful candidate, we follow this up with regular staff communications and face-to-face meetings.

Our low turnover speaks for itself but we are continually re-addressing retention strategies. We conduct blind staff surveys, and try to understand what drives all our staff and what their career development needs are. Out-of-work activities are organised through active social clubs, and we keep in touch with staff through a weekly newsletter, monthly operational updates, and quarterly company communications from the CEO. Staff have regular performance reviews and we provide expert career planning assistance and career development opportunities where possible. We encourage work/life balance, and offer an opportunity to work with high quality people - the best in their field.

Talent Pool

We also keep a pool of highly skilled resources who we call on for project work. They are known as Certus Associates. Managed by our talent team, Certus Associates are regular visitors to our offices and our clients. Certus Associates are carefully selected to ensure we hire the most highly-skilled people for the projects we undertake. Our talent manager Carol-Ann Hickmore is always keen to talk to potential associates, if you think you might fit our criteria please contact her using the 'Certus Expert' link at the top of this section.

Working in Australia and New Zealand

If you're looking for a job in Australia or New Zealand, you might find what you're looking for at Certus Solutions. We take a global approach to recruitment, so we've got plenty of experience helping our future employees and their families move here from overseas. We can even advise you on where to live, local schools, hospitals, and general information on settling into the Australian and New Zealand way of life.
Of course, your first job in Australia or New Zealand is just the beginning. At Certus, you'll find we're committed to helping you map out your own career path, based on personal and professional goals. It means a unique career for each one of our employees.

Working in Australia: what you need to know

You will probably need a permit to work in Australia (this generally applies if you're not an Australian citizen). We can help you through this process, once you have confirmed a position with us. For more information about Australian visa requirements, visit .

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Working in New Zealand: what you need to know

You will probably need a permit to work in New Zealand (this generally applies if you're not a New Zealand citizen). Our talent consultants can help you through this process, once you have confirmed a position with us.

For more information about New Zealand's visa requirements,

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Areas of interest

If you are interested in working in a particular area, please visit either our Solutions or Services sections of the website.

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