Culture and Values

The Certus culture and values reflect the Certus PurePlay philosophy. It’s a total focus on delivering the best business outcomes for IBM customers. But it’s much more than that. It’s an attitude, a methodology, and a way of doing business that drives who we work with, who we employ, our goals and how we’re remunerated.

PurePlay drives how managers manage their people, how teams interact, and how individuals work with each other, and with customers. It’s about always thinking and acting to achieve the best outcomes for everyone in the Certus domain – our organisation, our people, our partners and our customers.

Working at Certus requires a complete commitment to our core values:

  • Excellence
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Accountability – personal and shared
  • Working together
  • Professionalism
  • Making people matter

At Certus we strive to make the company a special place to work. We plan to have a long term relationship with our employees – they are our most valuable asset.

We make a great effort to create a culture that recognises our core values. We acknowledge and reward leadership, excellence, open and forthright accountability, and outcomes we are proud of and which our customers applaud. However, we also believe in working hard but maintaining balance. Work and career are important, but so is life. Well-rounded and balanced individuals make better business partners for our customers.

Our culture and values are our most important competitive advantage. If the environment is right, people will stay. If the culture is strong, others will join Certus because they know they will be joining a team that work well together. We are absolutely committed to making our culture work.

If you have high standards and want to work with, and learn from, a team of like-minded professionals - Certus is the place for you.

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