The Certus PurePlay philosophy is about a total focus on delivering the best business outcomes for IBM clients.

Certus PurePlay is an attitude, an approach, and a way of doing business that drives every Certus client action and every Certus business decision. PurePlay requires not just people with good IBM skills, but people who have the best IBM skills. It requires not only point expertise, but leading expertise across the full range of IBM platforms. PurePlay means being best at knowing which IBM products work together well and which don’t. It means being best at filling gaps in IBM’s product and service offerings and knowing which people and which resources will deliver the best client outcome. PurePlay is about putting clients’ business needs before any one technology. PurePlay dictates who we work with, who we employ and what acquisitions we make – all in pursuit of the PurePlay prime directive to achieve the best business outcomes for IBM clients.